We are breeders

We are fully dedicated to this wonderful world of small dogs for more than 25 years, all the experience and knowledge give us a good basis to dedicate in excluisive of toy dogs breeding.

This project is born with the idea of being able to have the best puppies, choosing the best parents to assure our customers that the new family member will be just what they expect from Yorky´s. We Give them the best food, outside walks and an ideal enviroment for their developing . Our vet staff control all the process.

somos criadores

Cotton Club is the denomination for all the puppies breed in our facilities. We want to certificate that each puppy that we offer to a new family is the result of a careful preselection , adding an excellent imprinting for an excellent introduction to new enviroments.

A lot of work, love for our animals and time dedicated to their wellbeing , make that each day we feel hapier to dedicate ourselves to this wonderfull work..the welfare of pets